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"Top 10 Leathercrafting Tools Every Leatherworker Should Have in Their Workshop"

First Leathercrafting tool, I use is to have a decent size self-healing cutting mat. They make them in all different sizes from 12x18, 24x24, 24x36, 6 feet long and up to 8 feet long for larger work benches. This cutting mat tool is essential to me because it helps to cut, trim, different types of leather and its thickness of the leather. Second essential tool is what's called a poly-board. This is a white plastic hard board that is used for using oblong, round-hole, and driving punches and leather stamps to make different size holes and shapes into the leather. This protects the leather punches and stamps from getting too dull and being damaged and also protects my workbench from making an impression. Third essential leather tool I use is a Rubber Poundo Board. This tool is used from hammering rivets, grommets, button snaps, conchos and the alike onto the leather and getting the rivets, grommets, button snaps to seat into position really well and snug. Fourth essential tool is heavy-duty embroidery sewing scissors and to keep the edge nice and sharp. You need quality pair of scissors to cut the leather of different thicknesses. So, that is makes edge beveling much easier! Fifth essential tool is called a Japanese cutting knife or (straight knife). This leather knife makes for very straight and precision cuts on your leather. From trimming some extra leather on fixing a pair of leather boots for example, or even cutting leather out from a template pattern.

Sixth essential tool is a set of stitching chisels. If, you are just starting out and don't have a leather sewing machine. Then you will need a set of leather stitching chisels. The stitching chisels you take a with a wooden mallet or hammer, and you tap the top of the stitching chisels this makes the holes in the leather for your thread. Seventh essential tool is a speed square ruler. This tool is handy and keep on my workbench and use almost every day. Most speed square ruler come 12 to 18 inches long and measure ninety-degree angles. Most leather products that I make are no more than 12 to 18 inches in length to make. Eight essential tools would be a wooden mallet or decent size hammer. As I use this when I am making stitching holes, punching rivets, grommets, and button snaps into my leather belts, wallets, and small purses I make. Next nineth essential tool that I use is what's called a scratch awl. This is a tool that is similar to an ice pick. It helps to (scribe) or make a straight line nicely while the leather is lightly wet. Wetting the leather helps to make the leather softer to help punch the holes into the leather to stitching the thread.

Finally, tenth essential tool I use is called a wood slicker this is a wood stick about 6 inches that has three or four different groves into it that help slick down the sides and edges to make the leather smooth.

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