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Unleashing The Secrets: What Makes Leather Goods Stand Out From The Rest?

Updated: Apr 23

4 Qualities That Make Leather Goods Stand Out:

First of all, it all starts with the leather hide itself. Leather grades depends on the layers being used. There are 5 different grades of leather we will discover today. One, is Full -grain this is the highest quality of leather. Two, is Top- grain leather. Three, is Split -grain. Four, is genuine and five, is Bonded leather. Full-grain and Top-grain leathers are the highest quality because of the flesh side thick fibers it has on it from the animal skin.

Secondly, real cowhide or any animal hide for that matter be it Buffalo, Bison, Snakeskin, Goatskin or Alligators skin are the most common leather hides that have a natural appearance. With these leather hides come with many different scars, scratches, dents, blemishes, and should not be considered as a defect to the leather but, rather a uniqueness and beauty of the animal hide. Meanwhile, after the leather hide is removed from the animal it then, goes through a tanning process where the hides are washed with soap, water and other ingredients to get it ready for leather. This process can take up to a few days to several months depending on the type of animal and its size.

Natural vegetable tanned leather can be tooled with cravings, engravings, and customize leather stamping. It has a natural color tone which means that it can dye using soluble dyes. The leather then is fully saturated or Semi-saturated in the dye solution. This process in called "Aniline or Semi-Aniline". Which leads me to talk about the Four Qualities That Make Leather Stand Out, for the Savvy Shopper. One, is its Purpose it serves to customers whether it's for fashion, travel, or office purposes. Two, is Brand Reputation is another important key, knowing a reputable brand that are known for their quality and craftsmanship. Doing the research on the brand's history, customer reviews, and privacy policy, to ensure that what you are purchasing you're getting high-quality craftsmanship and that your information you submit is being protected. This is our number #1 priority at MCC with our customers. Three, Durability and functionality is our mission in our custom leather work that we strive to make in every product we produce.

Finally, you should choose a leather product that suits your style, whether classic or modern? When buying premium quality leather goods, you should be prepared to pay a little more for its quality. Also, ensure that the product's price matches the quality.

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Michigan Custom Craftworks LLC

Joe McNally- Owner/Writer

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