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"2 Easy Shipping Platforms To Use For E-Commerce Websites"

Updated: Apr 23

Hey Everyone! Michigan Custom Craftworks LLC This is Blog post #002 .

The Discussion for today's Blog Post is what to use as a Business E-commerce owner for your website for shipments? The two platforms I would like to discuss today are; Pirate Ship vs. ShipStation.

My research shows that both platforms have 850-900 reviews and obviously have pro's and cons to both. When I was working in the Corporate workplace I used Pirate Ship and found that it was very user friendly and the steps to print out your shipper label was fairly easy; for example if I needed to cancel and refund the

shipper label then it was an extra step to do.

I have no experience with ShipStation but, a big well-known company I know uses it for their shipping platform. I have read that both shipping platforms are free through your E-commerce website and no monthly fees are associated with it.

Finally, what are your thoughts on these two shipping platforms? What shipping app do you use or thinks is the best? Leave your thoughts and comments below. This is Michigan Custom Craftworks LLC , and I'll next you on the next one! Time to make some leather!

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Michigan Custom Craftworks LLC

Joe McNally- Owner/Writer

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